The Tweedlers

Russell Bellair: (315) 368-8217
Rod Barnes: (315) 404-5337

A Band of Merry Men

The Tweedlers play in a variety of venues, indoors and out. For the past fourteen years, we have been developing a reputation as one of the most fun groups in New York State and play regularly at venues in Syracuse, Binghamton, Utica, Rome, Albany, Philadelphia, and Boston.

In addition to the many enjoyable retirement home visits we make, the band loves livening up family reunions and other private parties and festivals. We've made big impressions at the Madison County and Otsego County fairs. Our large and varied repertoire allows us to form set lists with each audience in mind.

Members of The Tweedlers

Youthful energy combined with an enthusiasm for the music of past eras will have you clapping and singing along with your favorite old waltzes, love songs, bluegrass, classic country, and old time rock 'n' roll tunes. The current instrumentation consists of a mandolin, guitar, a bass, and fiddle, The Tweedlers will take you on a fun, rollicking trip down the old road to home.

Our albums are available for $9.99, and our booking fees vary, depending on travel distances and performance schedules. Please contact us for booking information.

Currently the band consists of Russell Bellair on lead vocals, mandolin and guitar, along with Rod Barnes on lead vocals, guitar and banjo, Dan Porter on bass guitar and vocals, and Tim Baldwin, who plays fiddle, lead, and backup guitar and sings. We mentioned earlier that one of the founding members of The Tweedlers was Eric Lipper on lead vocals, guitar and much, much more. A few but not all of our guest performers in no particular order are:

 • Omar Chowdhury - bass guitar and vocals
 • Jon Koza - bass guitar and vocals
 • Mike Parsons - drummer extraordinaire
 • Jude Roberts - bass guitar and vocals
 • Kenny McConnell, Jr. - bass guitar and vocals
 • Dara Koza - lead vocals and percussion
 • Ed Townsend - drummer and vocalist
 • Dan Fluegel - bass guitar, guitar, and vocals

The Tweedlers 2010