The Tweedlers

Russell Bellair: (315) 368-8217
Rod Barnes: (315) 404-5337

About Us

The Tweedlers started in New York City in 2003, playing their first open mike on Bleaker Street in Greenwich Village. Eric Lipper placed a phone call to his friend Russell to join in on a few songs at a classic rock venue called The Backfence. The audience gave a great response and we quickly asked our friend Omar to grab the bass guitar and join us at our shows. These shows at The Backfence set the stage for all the years of fun we have had playing our music for our fans. From these shows we gained many guest artists who started as fans and asked if they could play some shows with us. One of our biggest fans, Jon Koza was asked by Eric if he wanted to go on the road and play a few shows as our bass guitar player in 2007. Jon was from Long Island and was happy to take up the challenge as Omar our first bass player was not sure just how much traveling he wanted to do at the time. Jon has been a bass player with The Tweedlers performing shows whenever his schedule would allow him. We have had many other artists sit in with us at our shows throughout the years, but the music stays the same. We like to think of ourselves as folks that like to play an instrument and sing at the same time. Thus, one of the main reasons we came up with the name The Tweedlers, we seem to be tweedling around on the stage like a bunch of happy songs birds on a sunny spring morning. It wasn't long before our fans started referring to themselves as "Tweedlerheads". No matter who is performing with us on the stage The Tweedler state of mind seems to remain the same. One of our favorite descriptions of The Tweedlers is Fun Folks, Fun Music.

Original Lineup of The Tweedlers

We continue to play the same fun music up on stage. Our music is very interactive, and we like to get our audience involved in our shows. Our favorite venues are outdoors during the summers and we love to see our audiences tweedling while we're on stage performing.

Clear, harmonic vocals set us apart. We start every show on time and the fun that we have on stage is real. Be prepared for an entertaining trip down memory lane.